The life and times of a serial hat wearer


Adventures in prose can provide the escape necessary from a world often nasty, brutish and short. Essays, poetry, prose and journalism are all escapism, despite pretences otherwise.  Our imaginations are not limited to our words; our words create imagination.

I consider myself to be a yugen 幽玄 writer.  Yugen is a Japanese school of art form whereby the beautiful masquerades as the grotesque, and truths are gradually revealed, piece by piece.

The principle of the yugen school is that of a broken beauty, art existing in its purest form where the cracks and the fault-lines show through the surface.  Art is not merely representative as a figure in itself.  More, it demonstrates a transformation of the internal, the secret, to the external, the open.  Yugen is merely a tiny part of the all encompassing, barely definable wabi to sabi (wabi sabi, ) aesthetic, at the heart of which lies the inevitablity and celebration of transience.

As a yugen writer I choose to partially reveal, hint or suggest rather than state directly.  My writing represents a transference from the insane to the regular, from the carnivalesque to the everyday, obscuring one with the other without hiding it completely.  I present one side of the mountain - the other side is another story for another time.

I follow directly from the Beat generation of writers, poets and artists.  I take inspiration from the work of PT Barnum.  I am forever in debt to the late Hunter S. Thompson.

I currently live in Iraq.

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tall tales and myths from a nomadic ink addict

Aiden Wylie is a Scottish born teacher and bit-part writer.

He has written for a number of publications including the Inverness Courier and, and has featured on the BBC and CNN.